July 5, 2019

This is Brian Jungen

one of the most highly regarded Canadian artists of his generation; brian jungen has received international attention for his elaborate assemblages and installations that draw inspiration from his experience of post-industrial consumerism and his own first nations heritage.

There's an old belief, shared by many cultures, that a sculpture is hidden within a block of uncut stone, just waiting for an artist to reveal it. Jungen, likely would agree: the half-Dunne-Za (a Canadian indian tribe), half-swiss installation artist has a gift for seeing images in mundane objects. "When a product breaks, it's kind of liberated in my eyes," says Jungen.

Brian Jungen Solo Show at the Art Gallery of Ontario's Friendship Centre

This exhibition invites a new way of looking at Brian Jungen’s internationally acclaimed art practice, including the first-ever presentation of the artist’s archive that offers the viewer insight into his unique method of art production. A selection of Jungen’s striking sculptures made of repurposed objects and materials will be exhibited alongside an epic new moving image work. An artist of mixed European and Indigenous heritage, Jungen explores a long history of cultural inequality, a concern for the environment and a profound commitment to Indigenous ways of knowing and making.

June 20-August 25 at the Art Gallery of Ontario (317 Dundas West)