January 12, 2020

This is Greg Lauren: The global ambassador of recycled ready-to-wear.

Greg Lauren prefers to work with materials that had a symbolic meaning and an emotional connection, then transforming those into something completely different. Inadvertently, became obsessed with using every scrap.(source)

Greg Lauren launched his label in 2011 as a creative outlet “To me, the concept of upcycling is not only about the fabrication – it’s also about the image, and what certain garments mean to us. So, the notion of taking vintage denim, a strong representation of Americana, and turning it into a kimono presents a clash of ideas. I’m not interested in ‘remaking’ something; I want to take something with emotion and details, then turn it on its head.” (Source)

“Scraps Initiative” for fall 2020

focusing on making good use of the scraps of material and leftover hardware that get discarded during the cutting process. Lauren toted bags stuffed with pieces of workwear, denim, tennis knits and blankets, which he brought with him to his Paris presentation to demonstrate the process.

This translated into one-of-a-kind looks including a classic beige worker’s jacket made out of a discreet patchwork of square pieces of fabric, as well as a three-piece suit created using old Army jackets. The designer calculated that 40 pounds of scraps create about 13 yards of fabric, half of which was used to make the full suit. Working with a local quilter, Lauren transformed liners from vintage extreme-weather parkas into a coat, while one of the crazier inventions for fall was a zip-sleeve parka mixing quilted orange nylon and vintage denim. (Source:WWD)

Highsnobiety sat down with designer Greg Lauren at thedrop@barneys to talk about his door-front vintage army tent, creating a custom tote bag with Barneys, and telling a story through DIY.​